Is the result of two worlds that we have brought together to help you become more effective and competitive without the added cost.

what is wpdotnet?

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS (Content Management System), which is used to create and publish beautiful websites by utilizing easy page builders and resourceful plugins.

.NET (by Microsoft) is a world leading software development framework, which is used widely to develop custom-made software solutions including web applications.

By merging these two into WordPress.NET, we at Yobi Code offer a combined solution which joins the best of 2 worlds and enables developers to build sophisticated web applications on a very cost-effective basis, within greatly reduced timeframes.

service offerings


  • Azure hosting and serverless web hooks
  • Technologies: Computer vision, Cognitive services, Database & Analytics, etc.
  • Features: Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Form recognizers, Facial Recognition, Video Streaming, etc.

Plugins and Libraries

  • WordPress plugins
  • .NET libraries (nuget)
  • WordPress and Visual Studio quick start solutions


  • Development Tools and Accelerators
  • WordPress customization and plugins development
  • Migration services for WordPress

“WPDOTNET is the key to enable business growth.”


The WordPress.NET solution is useful for a wide audience, spanning from tech savvy marketing personnel, right through to experienced software developers.

WordPress offers rich templated builders, plugins and themes, developed at low cost and within reduced timelines.

.NET is a secure, scalable, modern and powerful software development framework with seamless access to Azure cloud services.

With WPDOTNET, we have combined WordPress and .NET, such that the pros and cons complement each other and ultimately produce a superior outcome.

WPDOTNET Use case examples


Build, market and execute a subscription based site within WordPress, while delivering advanced digital content leveraging .NET and Azure technologies.


Execute an E-Commerce catalogue based site within WordPress, but facilitate complex billing logic and custom 3rd party integrations with .NET based services.   


Extend or migrate an existing WordPress based system in terms of security, scalability and / or customisation, as required.


“WPDOTNET might just be the superpower solution you always wished for!”