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Unique Approach

Yobi Code has adopted a unique approach and created a software development platform, which combines popular open-source software technologies together to produce an ideal platform to build high-end web applications at a fraction of the cost within greatly reduced timelines.

sophisticated applications

Our technology, incorporates a seamless mix of no-code and high-code capabilities, which offers a perfect option to build sophisticated applications economically.

Our Platform

Key advantages

What makes our solution unique in the market?

There is no risk of vendor lock-in

Most software development platforms in the market locks you into their bespoke development eco system, but what if the vendor:

  • Closes down?
  • Can’t support a required feature and you are stuck?
  • Development costs start to mount up? 

You enjoy utmost flexibility with your budget

  • You decide which features to build with no-code (cheap) vs high-code (expensive).
  • Try out new features quickly using no-code.
  • Upgrade features at a later stage using high-code (where needed). Most of the time the no-code functionality will be all you need.

You can self-host your app

You can host the app, databases and services in a separate cloud account, which are owned and managed by yourself. You have full control.

Fully customizable and expandible

Large eco-system of plugins, integrations, and extensions

Battled-tested for stability and scalability

Our Platform


  • User Interface (UI) builders and themes
  • Databases
  • Integrations and actions
  • Custom coding
  • Publish Web and Mobile apps with push notifications
  • Content management
  • Users, roles, and access rights (restrict content)
  • Mailers
  • Cloud based
  • And much more…

app solutions

Here are examples of cool app solutions you can custom-build using our platform.
  • E-Commerce
  • Leads management (CRM)
  • Learner management
  • Online directory
  • Access control
  • HR portal
  • Voucher/coupon management
  • Workflows
  • Bookings
  • Dashboards
  • Staff enrollment
  • Etc.


You think it, we build it – The sky is not the limit!

A great option to note is that the above examples may be custom-built as combinations complimenting each other e.g., you can create an e-Commerce store with custom dashboards and workflows.