We follow an agile and modular approach to achieve important outcomes

services overview

We take pride in producing exact code and to partner with businesses who have the bigger picture in mind – This resounds with our name, where the meaning of the word “Yobi” describes the precise representation of the largest number in the world of computer science.

We follow an agile and modular approach to achieve important outcomes of the software development life cycle. We cater for various application types, where our services includes advisory, design and development of software solutions.

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Custom Software

Do you need to digitally transform or enable your business?

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At Yobi Code, we are able to develop innovative and custom software solutions that will best serve our clients technology needs. We optimise business processes as well as streamline and simplify current systems already in place. With our highly skilled team we also integrate your business with systems that will extend your competitive edge.

Use Cases

We have designed and developed a platform solution for a client, which allows small and large multinational organisations to connect and engage in business value exchanges. The platform consists of independent applications, services, integrations and cloud technologies.

We have developed an Azure module, which processes and routes inputs from well-known carmakers’ WordPress sites, to facilitate the communication of leads to 3rd party CRM systems.

mobile applications

From concept to creation, we develop mobile applications that enhances your company’s market reach and productivity.

At Yobi Code, we develop mobile native applications for clientele, utilizing cross platform technologies, which is easy and economical to support both iOS and Android without the need to develop source code in different coding languages.


Alternatively, by utilizing the latest web technologies, it has now become easy to build and deliver Progressive Web Applications as an alternative to native mobile applications, which enables functions including push notifications and location tracking, without the need for a native app.

Primary Technologies

Web development & apps

We build, design, and streamline intelligent and responsive websites and web applications that execute your company’s vision.

One of our primary focus areas is web application development to ensure that we deliver a premium quality web presence to our clientele. The web is accessible globally 24/7/365 which makes it one of the most important technologies to get right as part of a company’s digital strategy.


We have proudly partnered with a leading technology company and are delivering app development services for clientele, representing the largest corporates in South Africa including multi nationals.

Primary Technologies

cloud solutions

A virtual hosting environment that is not limited to a single server, but rather a server infrastructure available across the internet.

Cloud computing technologies have become a very popular choice for hosting software solutions and services. The advantages in terms of security, scalability, flexibility and worldwide access, makes it a preferred choice for us to include in clientele system deployments.

We are experienced in the administration of cloud configurations and utilization of sophisticated services e.g. Cognitive Services and Computer Vision, which enables features like facial and forms recognition within apps.

Primary Technologies

systems integration

We strive to add value and implement cost-effective solutions for clientele, by considering the use of existing and off-the-shelf technologies in conjunction with integrations.

We have at Yobi Code become masters in the art of joining together systems in a creative and meaningful way.

As an example, Yobi Code has implemented an integration of a web application and Monday.com, which now digitally connects our clients’ customer users with a Monday.com back-office system.