Our Story

technology is our passion and we are on a mission...

At Yobi Code, we specialise in software engineering and we partner with businesses and organisations to help them grow technologically and realise their digital strategies. 

Our mission

It’s our mission to digitally enable all South African businesses.


We are passionate about technology. We only hire people who shares the same passion, which forms part of our DNA and success formula.

Since 2017

We’ve been serving clients since 2017, consisting of small to large enterprises. See what our clients have to say about us here

Solution driven

We’ve come to realise that traditional software development is very expensive, and as a result, it is difficult for smaller companies to compete in the tech space. We have recognized the need for businesses to have access to quality software development services that are affordable. We are laser-focused and continue to work hard in bringing innovative solutions to market, to make our client’s dreams become a reality.


We have dedicated years of engineering, development, and refinement to bring new innovative technologies and solutions to the market that offers a cost effective, fast startup to technology enablement. Additionally, our innovations can plugin and extend onto existing client systems.

power of one

Yobi Code is a proud member of Signa Group and an ambassador for the Power of One Initiative.

Signa has launched a Power of One initiative, believing through One Person, One Passion, and One Team, we can encourage every person or business owner to make a difference in the life of another. When this person is empowered, they can, in turn, make a meaningful contribution to someone else’s life. In this way, the impact of the Power of One will be exponential.