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While serving clients of all shapes and sizes, through trial and error, and learning invaluable lessons throughout the process, a clear vision began to take shape for Yobi Code: 

To become the cornerstone of digital transformation for SMEs in South Africa. Enabling them to build, manage, and scale their digital presence with unparalleled ease and efficiency.
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To become: We are determined to become the essential foundation of digital transformation for SMEs in South Africa.

The cornerstone: We will be the crucial element that empowers SMEs to establish and grow their digital presence.

Of digital transformation: We help SMEs navigate the complex world of digital transformation.

For SMEs: We provide solutions tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

In South Africa: We commit to empowering SMEs in South Africa. Recognising the country’s potential for digital growth and its entrepreneurial spirit.

Enabling them: We are not about providing tools; we actively assist SMEs in their digital transformation efforts.

To build: We want to be there from the start, helping SMEs establish a solid online foundation.

Manage: We recognise that maintaining and optimising a digital presence is an ongoing process. We commtit to supporting SMEs throughout this journey.

And scale: We are a tech partner that enables SMEs to not just establish a digital presence but also scale it effectively to meet their growing needs.

With unparalleled ease and efficiency: We promise to make digital transformation accessible, straightforward, and efficient for SMEs.

To inspire & empower South African creativity & innovation - turning ideas into reality through technology.
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To inspire: To ignite the spark of creativity and innovation in South Africans.

To empower: To provide the resources and support needed to bring South African ideas to life.

South African creativity: To harness the uniqueness of South Africans to create groundbreaking solutions.

Innovation: To foster a culture of innovation in South Africa, where new ideas are constantly being developed and implemented.

Turning ideas into reality: To bridge the gap between ideas and reality, using technology as a tool to make dreams come true.

Through technology: To leverage the power of technology to accelerate innovation and creativity in South Africa.


Building solutions that grow with you. Our software evolves with your business -the effortless scaling of your technology to support your success at every stage.


Adapting to your evolving needs. We create adaptable solutions that respond to your changing requirements, helping you stay ahead in a dynamic market.

Unparalleled Value

Delivering exceptional worth at unmatched costs. We offer high-quality, cost-effective solutions that maximise your investment. You receive the best possible value for your business.

What is included in our mobile app development service?

  • Product & Mobile App Design
  • Yobi Code Development Platform
  • Plugins and Integrations
  • Custom mobile app development
  • iOS and Android devices deployment
  • User testing and feedback
  • Maintenance
  • Hosting
  • And far more…

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Launch Your App & Watch it Grow

Yobi Code has adopted a unique approach and created a software development platform to produce an ideal foundation to build high-end web and mobile applications at a fraction of the cost within greatly reduced timelines.

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Business is not a single-player game, and we’ve embraced this philosophy wholeheartedly. Over the years, we’ve surrounded ourselves with creative and impactful entrepreneurs, partnered with innovative companies, and built a highly competent team of developers, designers, and collaborators. As our client base continues to grow, our team expands, bringing fresh perspectives and innovations to Yobi Code. We are proud of our dynamic and collaborative environment that drives our mission forward.

Andre Coetzee

CTO & Director

Phillip Gregorowski - Head of Sales & Marketing

Phillip Gregorowski

Head of Sales & Marketing

Fhumulani Phadziri - Community Engagement Coordinator

Fhumulani Phadziri

Strategic Partnerships Coordinator

Shivam Ragoonaden

Team Lead & Snr. Software Engineer

Cyrille Yemeli Tasse - Snr. Software Engineer

Cyrille Yemeli Tasse

Snr. Software Engineer

Nhlakanipho Zikhali - Software Engineer

Nhlakanipho Zikhali

Mid. Software Engineer

Adrien Djeufoue - Software Engineer

Adrien Djeufoue

Jnr. Software Engineer

Bulela Tyelela - Junior Software Engineer

Bulela Tyelela

Jnr. Software Engineer

Marco Knobel - Junior Software Engineer

Marco Knobel

Jnr. Software Engineer

Meshen Ganesan - Junior Software Engineer

Meshen Ganesan

Jnr. Software Engineer

Zandon Sayster - Web & Graphics Designer

Zandon Sayster

Web & Graphics Designer

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